Burgeri launches Qatar's first food truck

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By Qatar Living

Remember the icecream truck that used to go around Doha Corniche in the evenings? It was one of those things that kids looked forward to whenever there was a family outing at the waterfront.

Only long-time Doha residents may recall these trucks because they vanished by the year 2000 after Qatar started enforcing its strict food preparation and handling laws.

That was the closest thing to a food truck that Qatar had until recently. Despite the strick food laws, Burgeri has managed to launch its first-ever food truck in Qatar that will go around the city serving meals from its menu.

Burgeri is a vintage themed burger house that opened two years ago in Aspire Park. Burgeri announced on its social media channels in August that it would begin touring the nation in its new food truck.

According to the following video, the food truck will be operating outside Doha as well.

There will also be a few chairs and tables set up  around the food truck wherever it visits. Burgeri has not announced a schedule yet.

Have you spotted the food truck yet? What do you think of the food truck concept?

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By britexpat• 2 years 10 months ago.

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By britexpat• 2 years 10 months ago.

I like it. Will brighten the place up and provide something for the locals and tourists.

They have similar in New Yoik , so why not here...

By ani_chy• 2 years 10 months ago.

wondering if they parked at the Corniche...and a bus with high smoke exhaust cruises by...i will have a diesel smoked burger...

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