Mykonos Restaurant

  • Mykonos Restaurant
  • Mykonos Restaurant


Named after one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, Mykonos recreates the exceptional experience of the popular vacation destination in the Greek Isles right here in Doha. Mykonos builds on the rich Mediterranean experience offering originality in Mediterranean cuisine and refreshing full-menu beverages. Authenticity is delivered through Greek service and culinary leadership.

The dishes embrace the use of natural and organic ingredients, combining a true sense of flavor and harmony. The cuisine created is simple, delicate, and honest and is a unique representation of its Mediterranean origin.

The natural beauty of InterContinental’s resort property presents a vacation-like setting. Mykonos creates an environment that evokes a light sensation of relaxation. The visual setting of the palm trees, the pools, the sea and the spectacular skyline of Doha West Bay capture the senses almost instantly. Enjoy the flavours of the mediterranean right here in Doha.

Appropriately located overlooking the Arabian Sea, this Greek inspired restaurant only uses the freshest ingredients in its dishes, complimented by a great selection of Mediterranean wines. opens for luch and dinner from 12 noon until 11:30pm

Phone: +974 484 4444/484 4074

Address: Hotel Intercontinental Doha, Al Isteqlal Road, Westbay, Doha.