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Busy? No time for Istamara Renewal? Book an appointment via WhatsApp or call I will be at your location right away! I will assist you and take the car for: • inspection •renew insurance • renew registration card Service charges: 200 QR I am expert in all kind of Car problems One does it all car istamara renew traffic inspection if you are busy at your job i wil do it for you A/C service / AC gas refill electrical issues in your CAR Main oil Seal, Joint (Eng Gear) Leak Engine, Gear, Chamber Gasket Leak Engine, Front Seal, Timing. Taipet Cover Gasket Leak Engine, Transmission, Cooling Pipe Leak Power Steering Box/Pump/Tube/Pipe Leak Brake Booster, Pipe or Master Cylinder Leak Fuel Pipe or Tank Hose Leal Driving Shaft Oil Seal, Front/Rear Lenk A/C Pulley, Bearing, Dynamo Bearing Noise Bearing Power Steering Pump/Clutch Fan Noise Rear Wheel Bearing or Differential Noise Check Rear Suspension Bushes/Shock Absorbers Check Driving Shaft, Cross Bearing, Robber Coupling Radiator or Hose Leak Axle/Oil Seal/Rubber Boon Leak Differential Gasket, OL/R Leak 4-Wheel Shaft/Gear Joint Leak Front Crank Pulley Oil Seal Leak Bolt Adjuster or Pulley Noise Front Wheel Bearing or All Noise Check Front Suspension, Bushes/Shock Absorbers Gear Internal Noise/Gear Shifting Time Check Differential Rubber Bushes Check Tie Rod Ball Joint Balancing Rod Bushes Check Catalytic Converter Exhaust Manifold Gasket Jerk/Vibration (Check Engine/ Gear Mounting). Car Body Vibration/Chack Tyre/Driving Shaft Chuck Steering Wheel Alignment/Balancing Check Brake Pads/Brake Drums Car Chassis/Down Side Rust/Dust


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