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Sharing transportation to RGSQ (Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar)- Attention parents with kids going RGSQ (Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar)

Updated 5 months ago

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Greetings!! To all the parents who might have their kids at RGSQ (Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar) or nearby(not sure if any more schools nearby). We are living nearby a compound a little ahead of North Gate Mall. I have enrolled my son age 15 years into RGSQ (Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar)in recipient school and starting this August 15th onwards, He needs to be dropped off and picked up. Btw, RGSQ (Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar)is near the umm slaal area.I think I would have to entrust his transportation to some driver as his timings would be 06:50 am drop off and 1:30 am pickup. I would feel much better if I could find another parent whose kid/kids need to go to the same area around roughly the same time. I think it would be better for the safety of the kids and would give the kids some good company during the rides.

If you think your kid could share a ride with me, please call Show number50197770 or post a reply here with your contact so that I can call you back.


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