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Google Drive Unlimited Storage - (Shared Drive) - Lifetime

Updated 4 months ago

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Google Drive - One Time Payment

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- Use your existing Gmail account to access. Hassle free. you can access it through desktop web or Google App

- Share drives does not merge with existing 15GB storage, they are separate drives with unlimited storage

- Rest assure your privacy is protected, this drive is set to only accessible by you on default, no one else can access including myself.

- Drives that you purchase can be share among your family and friends with some change of settings.


Kindly read through the following, by placing order, you are hereby acknowledged and accept the following clause.

1. This is a google share drives with unlimited storage

2. Share drive storage are not merge with existing 15gb storage

3. It doesn't work with google backup and sync at the moment, it has to be done manually by you.

4. It doesn't integrate with google photos, you can upload your photos manually into shared drive from desktop web or Google Drive app.

5. To share your files uploaded to the share drive with other people, you must add their gmail address through the "+Add members" link inside the share drive or amend access settings

6. Folders sharing is not available, only sharing of files.

7. Share drives linked with your existing gmail account won't affect your existing account in any way.

8. Be mindful of what you share, don't use it for illegal file sharing as you are running the risk of drive getting reported.

9. Folders from Mydrive cannot be move into your shared drive, but containing files are movable.


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