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Final Artworks for Printing: Barcode for Packaging Prepress Flexible, Packaging, Commercial online services

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Getting your final artwork right can save both time and money. Graphic designer specializing in final artwork design and printing has been working in print advertising for decades and his portfolio includes top agencies.  Our job is to help designers, illustrators, and big brands produce astonishing results through their printed artwork.

In this online course, Chack teaches you to master the final artwork and build a solid knowledge of the basic rules and principles of printing, opening the doors to unlimited success in all your printing projects.


Start the course by learning what final artwork is, who needs it, and what it is used for. Then, study some samples before finding out how the results were obtained in each case.

Continue with an in-depth look at everything you need to consider before sending your file to print. Chack explains important concepts like color profiles in Illustrator and Photoshop, resolution, and output formats.

Once your project is ready for printing, analyze the color tests and the dummy, then carry out the necessary checks of your final piece of work. 

Next, learn about the three most commonly used printing methods: digital offset, conventional offset, and plotter.

Chack gives you advice to help you choose the most suitable medium for each project.

He also shows you the result of the same design when printed on different types of paper and takes you through experimenting with RGB designs that you later convert to CMYK for printing.

Learn to work with the four-color model and with special inks.

To wrap things up, Chack explains the specifications to give the printer so your designs come out exactly as you want them to.


What is this course's project?

Create a final artwork containing illustration, photography, and text, then adapt it to three types of printing: digital offset, traditional offset, and plotter.

Offer following jobs:

1. Gravure FA layout

2. Printing  packaing/commercial FA layout

3. Presspress FA layout ready to CTP plate

4. Artpro FA layout both gravure & Flexo

5. All Packaging barcode available in FDF file

All require file format available.

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