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Our Services include.

  • Supply of sweet water,fresh water for Villa compound , swiming pool ,labour camp ,Warehouse, Construction site etc.
  • Vehicle specifications:
  • 3000 GL , 4000 GL , 4500 GL , 5000 GL , 6000 GL,
  • Sewage water Removal , drainage cleaning, blockage  &  services from all areas. 4500 GL , 6000 GL,
  • Supply of treated sewage effluent ( TSE ) irrigation water. Green water tanker rental  services. 3000 GL, 4500 GL , 6000 GL.
  • Solid waste management service (Domestic waste, Food waste and all general waste removal service).

 We are collecting all types of garbage from Residential 

Buildings, Communities (Villas), Office Tower, Shopping Malls, and Hyper Markets, Groceries (Baqaala), Hotels, Construction Sites, Labour Accommodations, Workshops (Garages), etc.,

Removal & disposal of Domestic and Non-domestic Waste, Industrial Waste, Construction Waste, Hazard Solid Waste and Liquid Waste, Electrical Waste, Medical and Hospital Waste, Wood Waste, Food Waste, and all kinds of General waste.

Vehicle specifications:

Single and Double Skip Loaders  (Non-domestic Waste)Hook Loaders and Stationery Compactor ,Transportation Compactor

Vehicles for Domestic Waste transportation.

We do all types of skip box & bin


services (18 m3, 7 m3, 120 ltr, 240 ltr, 1100 lt

!!!!Best and Competitive Pricing!!!!

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Ain Khaled

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