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Business Analyst: Make your business grow 3x faster.

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I can assist you to cut the cost down to the best price you pay for your business liabilities by digging deeper into every corner of your company's balance sheet.


After we connect:

  • Get to know your company’s needs by collecting step by step information about the past journey of the company in different viewpoints.

  • Doing research on the company's balance sheet, cashflow and profit & loss statements.

  • In depth analysis of the company's balance sheet in order to bring changes to the assets and liabilities.

The next step:

  • Making changes to the liabilities to get an improvement in the profit of the company.

  • Finding the cost effective liabilities to give a healthy life for the liabilities part of the balance sheet.

  • Knowing whether the company is in need of third party sources to maintain the cash flow.

The final step:

  • Implementing a cost effective mechanism to the company’s balance sheet.

  • Taking necessary steps in terms of marketing as per the target of the company.

  • Taking part in the diversified portfolio to adopt a better insurance for the company’s cash flow to avoid involving third parties as creditors.


Here’s what I can do:

  • Business plan, analysis and financial forecasts for the startups and small businesses.

  • Investment research for a better reliance upon stability and growth of the capital.

  • Generating multiple sources of revenue for a secure cash flow.

  • Finding the probability of diversification to the different sectors for growth and development.

  • Discovering competitive advantage over peers.

  • Preparation for investors’ presentation.


How do we communicate?

  • If the client lives nearby, we can have a face to face meeting in most cases. Or, over the phone, video call platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

  • We may exchange references and related documents through emails and cloud drives.

  • We may exchange photos and videos of sights and offices if necessary.

  • All the above bullets can come to practice based on the projects we are in for.


Brief Introduction:

I am an enthusiast who is interested in developing business through research and analysis based on self and historical experience to reduce the mistakes that can leave loopholes in the system. I trained myself by the real time experience of the companies and its key personalities that are leaders of the 21st century. Moreover, I try to find a competitive advantage over my peers. Finally, I improve my skills by being a bookworm. 😉


All the information that we exchange between will be considered confidential and no part of it must be leaked.


Just ping me. That won’t cost you. 😊


Fereej Bin Omran

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