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Diabetes & Thyroid Management

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Hi Guys, 

Have been a fitness & Ayurveda Coach and have been helping people to manage their Diabetes & Thyroid purely by naturalopathy. 

By Simple workout routines & doable diet planing we can control our disorder and start living without medicines.  

As well as you can loose weight, Weight loss & Fat loss and get back in shape. 

Have been doing this for more then 22 years and enjoy doing it.

If you are suffering from Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension etc.. can connect with me, or if your friend or family has this challange, share it with them, you might save some lives. 

I have a fitness studio at Najma / Hilal. 

Near Hot Bread Bakery, Najma, Behind Naseem Medical -'C' ring road, Doha.   

Feel free to connect. 

Coach Saleem



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