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ATS friendly CV writing with ATS score and a detailed report

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Create your professional CV formatted in a way that makes it easy for an ATS to read and understand it. A very professional software program provided by the Chartered Banker Institute, Scotland is used to accomplish this. In order to align with your level, CVs would be prepared at the six levels outlined below.

  • Entry-level chronological
  • Entry-level Skills-based
  • Entry-level Hybrid
  • Experienced chronological
  • Skills-based
  • Technical

The software is assessing your CV based on the categories below.

File, Presentation, Structure, Content, Skills, Language 

What you get:

Professionally Created CV which is ATS enabled.

The CV is scored by ATS software and the score is provided free of charge at the end.

In order to get a better score on the CV, it is the candidate's responsibility to provide all details.

As a result, some tips would be offered as to how to increase the score at a separate cost.


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