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Parented by Blue Salon, which has over three decades of experience in retailing, Toys4me offers the very best you could ask for in terms of a fun and exciting shopping destination with the emphasis on quality and safety.

Children are forever looking out for the newest trend in toys and keeping up with their demands is somewhere between an art and science. Toys4me has mastered the art of anticipating what will be the ‘next big thing’.

From the development of your toddlers to creating memorable bonding moments between families and friends, Toys4me caters to the full spectrum of toy lovers - both children and adults alike! We offer a massive selection of exciting products to delight and amuse - from a wide range of classic toys to whatever the latest buzz may be.

A visit to Toys4me will ensure that you are the trendsetter in your group, whether it be with Loom Bands or if you just want to cuddle up and get cosy with one of your favorite characters like Barney, Dora or Minnie.

Or challenge yourself and set your record with our exclusive stacking product – Speedstack.

Or impress your friends with cool tricks on the latest sleek and speedy invention - Sbyke.

Toys4me staff are all highly trained to be able to assist you as you look for that special gift for your sons, daughters or nieces and nephews.

They are always ready to help and demonstrate their knowledge of the product selection, so just ask and they will assist you with ideas and suggestions.

The management are continuously exploring new ways to keep customers entertained.

Most recently special events and sports challenges during special occasions have been hosted, with a very enthusiastic and positive response from those who attended, so keep an eye open for more such events in the future.

Located next to Gondolania entertainment city at Villaggio Mall, Toys4me can justifiably claim to be one of the finest toy shops in Qatar.

It is our goal to create lasting memories of hours spent choosing your favourite toys in a safe environment that is committed to quality and friendliness. We are dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships with our clients for both present and future generations.

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