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Germany visa requirements

By tempted2touch2010

Hi all,

I am planning a trip to Germany for a week in August '12 to visit a dear friend.
I am an indian passport holder holding an Engineer's work permit (Resident permit)
I got the visa application form and other details online.
One of the basic requirement is a 06 month salary statement...i do have a bank account, but our company pays its employees in cash except for the very top management.

My company is wlling to give me the usual NOC/guarantee letter or any other related documents addressed to the German Embassy to facilitate my visa, i also have an invitation from my friend attested by the concerned authorities in Germany, apart from the reservations.
I am yet to approach the embassy...

My question is, will it be a problem in getting the visa since i do not have a bank salary transfer. My company can provide them with the salary details and can also attach 06 mnonths pay slip as proof.
How long does it take to get the Visa? Since i am planning my trip in August, i am not in a hurry.
Genuine advice is appreciated.


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By tempted2touch2010• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

thank you so much guys...appreciate the info


By variath• 6 years 3 weeks ago.
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To get a Schengen (European countries) Visa you need the following documents.

1. Valid passport having return visa.

2. Financial statement (important from bank with) shows your salary.

3. Invitation letter from a resident or company attested by Chamber and sent directly to Embassy in Qatar and apply with your copy.

4. Return ticket.

5. Travel and health insurance.

6. Your employer's confirmation letter which includes your salary and guarantee that you will come back to Qatar after visit.

When I applied for a Schengen visa, I submitted all the above documents to get visa.

By anonymous• 6 years 3 weeks ago.
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First thing is that you should have valid RP of Qatar and your passport and your RP having six month validity, then you can apply and more over your company letter is must as are responsible if you dont come back, so no problem go head, collect all your documents and come to Alsaad signal, in Alfardan plaza building you need to submit, they are on third floor, Best of luck.

By xanthara• 6 years 3 weeks ago.
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yes correct...inquire to German embassy.

By HAMADA_000• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

my best answer for your questions to go your self to the Gereman embassy to get the answers for all your inquiries , also better to get it from the source it self .

thanks & Regards .

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