PIA booking office location?

By zee

Can someone help me with PIA booking office location please? I'll appreciate if some directions are also provided to reach there.
Thanks Fellows,

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By qatarfriend1• 1 year 8 months ago.

+974 44426422 is valid number of PIA office in Barwa as of 29-July-2016

By kashifwyne• 1 year 9 months ago.

PIA Barwa Village Telephone Numbers are:

+974 4442 6291

+974 4442 6292

By Mohsin Raza Bukhari• 2 years 2 days ago.
Mohsin Raza Bukhari


Barwa Village, Building # 8 and shope # 38,

Doha, Qatar

Phone:+974 4441 9258

Phone:+974 4432 4949

Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–1PM, 4–7:30PM

By Ubaidullah pang pang• 2 years 4 months ago.
Ubaidullah pang pang

PIA office has been newly shifted in Barwa Village. unfortunately i lost my family flight in search of PIA office in DOHA for boarding confirmation. More over when i found after searchi9ng 3 days here in Barwa village. when i entered i found myself in a PAN shop and the attitude and way they dealt with me was not professional. I said them to please update your address online then he replied that " Dear the board you are looking above of this office is the hanged after 2 months so how you expect that we would update PIA address online?" I did not ask anything just started to think about my Son's future in Pakistan. Sad to have such reception in DOHA from PIA.

By ayyankhan• 2 years 7 months ago.

Please pia office contact number

By Nizami123• 3 years 3 days ago.

Now PIA office is in Barwavillage Building No: 8 and shope No : 38

By mahar• 7 years 11 months ago.

The PIA Office is address is

"Qatar Tours, Darwish Airline Centre, Ras Abu Aboud Road, Volkswagon Roundabout, Doha".

Contact No. 4426422 // 4426440 // 4426290-2

email address: dohuupk@piac.aero.

For Schedule & fares/ web ticketing & more information visit www.pia.com.pk.

By zee• 9 years 1 week ago.

Thanks Fellows,

By UDDI• 9 years 1 week ago.

It is infront of Sana building the place Muglina ...

By rsw_17• 9 years 1 week ago.

Hi, I don't know the exact addres(as i am not good at it) but you can try giving them a call.. 4426290/91

hope it helps

By Faizkhan01• 9 years 1 week ago.

sana round about.

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