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Residents and tourists in Qatar have a new hangout spot to visit not too far from Doha - Souq Al Wakra is becoming a major attraction.

Commonly known as the second Souq Waqif, Souq Al Wakra is located behind Al Wakrah Petrol station next to the port and is merely a two-minute drive away from the popular Family beach.

The market boasts a few dozen shops, cafes and restaurants with a 3km coastline with a Corniche for people to walk along.

The opening of this Souq comes as a major boost for residents living in the southern areas of Qatar like Mesaeed as there are only limited recreational options outside Doha.

Visiting this Souq is not a hassle as there is a huge parking lot right outside the business area that can accommodate several hundred vehicles.

All the structures and shops at SOuq Al Wakra are designed to give impressions of pseudo-aged architecture and design, a break from the whitewashed and grand-styled infrastructures emerging in the country.

The souq looks like a cross between Qatar's original Souq Waqif and Katara Cultural Village. The Al Wakrah market will eventually be home to hundreds of shops and eateries.

Have you visited Souq Al Wakra yet?

Photo: Qatar Skeptic

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By Mohammed2015• 3 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 2/5

I have been there couple of times and I find it very boring!! I feel the other Souq Waqif is a much more better place to have fun with family and friends.

my personal opinion they should open up Paparoti there. it would be great to have some warm bun and hot coffee in this chilling weather!!

By Morane• 3 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

It hasnt been opened completely. Shops are still closed or not rented out. Just a few hotels facing the sea. The pictures shown of "beach like souq" are old and now they have removed the sand and the beach. You cannot go near the water and there is no beacha actually. You can sit and have a karak and come back home. Thats about it.

By jrrehman• 3 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

went there this friday evening. By far the Most boring place iv been to in Qatar. Left in 20 minutes!

By britexpat• 3 years 8 months ago.

Abdul: have you eaten there ? What's the Papadom like

By ABDUL BASITH M A• 3 years 8 months ago.

nice place

By britexpat• 3 years 8 months ago.

Lucky Luciano: Rizks already had his Papadom and Paani poori Emporium just off the high street

By Lucky Luciano• 3 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 4/5
Lucky Luciano

This is a Ghost Town. You need two or three Indian Roti (porota) shops to draw the crowds in this area :)

By britexpat• 3 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

But it looks as if it's closed :0(

By Molten Metal• 3 years 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

I have been telling about it { Wakra } for many years ............ and it has become true .....................

By Molten Metal• 3 years 9 months ago.
Molten Metal

Been there ............ already ............ Thanks Qazi Saheb for the correction .................................

By jeelani64• 3 years 9 months ago.

Where is it located exactly?

By dadamharqatar• 3 years 9 months ago.

I will visit this place soon

By LOL.XD• 3 years 9 months ago.

Its SOUQ AL WAKRA not AL WAKRA SOUQ WAQIF, I m Just Living On the Opposite side

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