Major Cities and Towns

Doha The Capital of Qatar is Doha. Doha is Qatar’s largest city and is the economic hub as well as the commercial, cultural and educational centre of the country. It is well placed in the middle of the East Coast Peninsula with 15 major districts. Qatar has a modern seaport, airport and is home to the largest Middle East news network satellite station, Al Jazeera.

Al Wakra Al Wakra is a pleasant little town nestled between Doha and Umm Said. Once a tiny fishing village but now Al Wakra has expanded and developed into a small town. Historic architecture is plentiful here, captured in mosques and old homes. The Museum, harbour and beaches are good examples of the small town’s success.

Umm Said Umm Said is mainly an industrial area with various industrial establishments. Umm Siad is located 37 km South of Doha.

Al Khor North of Doha, on the east coast, lays the small seaside town of Al Khor. Traditionally Al Khor was known as a small fishing village. However, it boasts distinguished beaches, a museum, mosques and an historic tower. Many of the expatriates who work in Ras Laffan live here.

Madinat Al-Shamal Madinat Al Shamal is unique because it is surrounded by the Persian Gulf on 3 sides. Although the town is considered to be relatively new, the historic rulers of this area were the Al Thani family. A number of the coastal villages are still administered from here. An hour and a half’s drive from Doha will get you there.

Al Ruwais Famously known for its breathtaking views and traditional Bedouin lifestyle experience, AL Ruwais is located on the northern tip of the peninsula. The 110 km drive from Doha provides an insight into the history and cultural heritage of the region.

Al Zubara Al Zubra is positioned approximately 113 km North West of Doha. Near Zubrah, on the west coast, are the ruins of an early Islamic settlement called Murwah. There is an important fort which was used by the military until the 1980’s and which also served as a coastguard station.

Dukhan West of Doha, after an 89 km drive, you’ll find Dukhan. Several thousand QP (Qatar Petroleum) employees live here. The Importance of this city is based on the discovery of oil in its surrounding areas.

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