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Fox Transport isn't your traditional limo company. Nor it is your conventional rental car company. We offer everything within and beyond the realm of your imagination. We followed the road of our passion, and discovered a whole new world that revolves around transport.
We have come a long way since our beginnings in 2002. Born as a company to provide individuals and companies with a chauffeured Limousine experience, we have grown to become a leading name in the world of tailored transport solutions. Today, Fox Transport distinguishes itself from the rest of its industry peers as a genuine, technically advanced, customer-driven company. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio to deliver a full range of transport solutions centeredon individual customer needs and benefits for each client. We have provided services for all types of transfers including airport, corporate & sporting events, conferences, special events, car rental/lease on short term and long term contracts as well as specialist car services. Whatever the case maybe, Fox Transport strives to deliver a personalized, memorable experience and exceed your expectations every single time.