Doha Souq Waqif tour

Doha Souq Waqif tour

By Inlandseatour

Exploring Desert Adventures and Dhow Boat Rentals in Doha, Qatar


Embark on an extraordinary journey through the desert landscapes and coastal wonders of Doha, Qatar. This comprehensive guide unveils the thrill of desert safaris, the allure of Dhow boat rentals, and the excitement of adventure tours in Qatar's capital city.

Discovering Doha Desert Tours

Doha desert tours offer an immersive experience into the heart of Qatar's vast and mesmerizing desert landscapes. From adrenaline-pumping dune bashing to serene camel rides, these tours promise an unforgettable adventure for travelers seeking to explore the natural wonders of the Arabian Peninsula.

Highlights of Doha Desert Tours

  1. Dune Bashing: Feel the thrill of traversing steep dunes in 4x4 vehicles, guided by experienced drivers.
  2. Camel Riding: Embrace the tranquility of the desert as you ride majestic camels through golden sands.
  3. Desert Camping: Spend a night under the starry sky at a traditional Bedouin camp, enjoying cultural performances and Arabian cuisine.
  4. Sandboarding: Glide down sand dunes on a board for an exhilarating experience.
  5. Sunset Views: Witness breathtaking sunsets over the desert horizon, capturing moments of pure beauty.

Desert Safari Doha: Pricing and Packages

Experience the magic of desert safaris in Doha with a range of packages catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a nature enthusiast, there's a desert safari package in Doha to suit your needs.

Desert Safari Doha Price Range

  • Basic Packages: Entry-level packages offering essential desert experiences at affordable prices.
  • Premium Packages: All-inclusive packages with added amenities such as gourmet meals, VIP transfers, and exclusive activities.
  • Group Discounts: Special rates available for group bookings, making desert safaris in Doha ideal for families, friends, or corporate outings.

Qatar Adventure Desert Safari: Thrills Beyond Boundaries

Embark on a journey of discovery with Qatar adventure desert safaris, where every moment is filled with excitement and wonder. Explore the rugged terrain, encounter desert wildlife, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of Qatar's desert communities.

Adventure Activities in Qatar Desert Safaris

  • Off-Road Exploration: Navigate through challenging terrains in specially equipped vehicles, led by expert guides.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Spot native species such as Arabian oryx, gazelles, and desert foxes in their natural habitat.
  • Cultural Experiences: Visit traditional Bedouin camps, interact with locals, and learn about ancient desert traditions.
  • Photography Opportunities: Capture stunning landscapes, wildlife, and cultural moments to cherish forever.

Qatar Tour Package: A Complete Travel Experience

Experience the best of Qatar with comprehensive tour packages that combine desert adventures, cultural excursions, and city sightseeing. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Qatar tour packages offer convenience, comfort, and unforgettable memories.

Inclusions in Qatar Tour Packages

  • Desert Adventures: Desert safaris, camel rides, sandboarding, and dune bashing.
  • City Tours: Explore iconic landmarks such as the Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif, and The Pearl-Qatar.
  • Cultural Experiences: Visit heritage sites, attend traditional performances, and indulge in authentic Qatari cuisine.
  • Transportation and Accommodation: Hassle-free travel arrangements with comfortable accommodation and reliable transportation.

Dhow Boat Rental in Doha: Navigating Coastal Marvels

Experience the beauty of Doha's coastline from a unique perspective with Dhow boat rentals. These traditional wooden boats offer a leisurely way to explore the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, with stunning views of Doha's skyline and iconic landmarks.

Dhow Boat Rental Highlights

  • Sightseeing Cruises: Relax on deck as you cruise along Doha's waterfront, passing by landmarks such as the Corniche and West Bay skyline.
  • Sunset Cruises: Witness mesmerizing sunsets over the Arabian Gulf, painting the sky with hues of orange, pink, and purple.
  • Private Charters: Customize your Dhow boat experience with private charters for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or corporate events.
  • Dining Experiences: Indulge in gourmet meals and traditional Qatari cuisine onboard, accompanied by live music and entertainment.


Embark on a journey of discovery and adventure in Doha, Qatar, where the desert meets the sea. From thrilling desert safaris to tranquil Dhow boat cruises, there's no shortage of experiences to captivate your senses and create lasting memories in this vibrant city.

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