Keeping it Halal While Relishing Unforgettable Halal Holidays

Keeping it Halal While Relishing Unforgettable Halal Holidays

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If you’re planning for an exotic holiday destination and want to keep it halal, then consider this vacation place that will be presented as a holiday travel option in this article. This remarkable country is an eminent holiday destination and for ardent travelers seeking halal holidays, Morocco ranks among the top places to visit. Relish the top-notch services of luxury 5-star riads, hotels, and resorts. Explore historical landmarks, revitalize in serene retreats, and savor delicious cuisines to cherish your Halal Holidays experience in this remarkable holiday destination.

Country Profile

Situated in North Africa, Morocco is a unique blend of Arab, African, Berber, and European Inspirations. The country’s coastlines border the Mediterranean and Atlantic, in the North and the West, respectively. The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). Arabic and Amazigh are recognized as official languages and Rabat is the capital city.

Best Tourist Attractions in Morocco

The following are the top 5 must-visit places in Morocco to enjoy your halal holidays:

Marrakech: Stroll around this incredible city established in the 11th century and known as the Red City because of the Redstone buildings. Visit the main square of Djemaa-el-Fna to enjoy storytelling, music, and magicians’ performances, and observe acrobatics. The celebrated Koutoubia Mosque, Bahia Palace, Jardin Majorelle, and Saadian Tombs, are must-visit places.

Casablanca: Visit the amazing Hassan II Mosque, soak up sunlight at numerous beaches, and relish diving, jet-skiing, boating, and other fun activities. Observe the uniqueness of the White City and take part in the renowned Tremplin L'Boulevard and Jazzablanca festivals.

Rabat: Observe the grand infrastructures of the 12th century and the bulwarks from the Almohad caliphate. Travelers can observe amusement parks, regal and secretarial areas, the Jardins d’Essais botanical gardens, and suburban and commercial developments.

Fez: Visit the old Medina Fes-el-Bali, the oldest university in the world situated in the beautiful Karaouiyine mosque, and the modern Ville Nouvelle. Walk around the muddle of contracted lanes teeming with emporiums, visit the old Medina town, and observe its marketplaces, traditional houses, and yards.

Chefchaouen: Visit this amazing city and observe the beauty of towering mountains, torrential waterfalls, and brilliantly painted blue buildings. Enjoy hiking at one of the numerous trails in the Talasemtane National Park. Stroll around Medina and observe the traditional Andalusian and Moroccan architecture with blue buildings on both sides of the narrow lanes, lively marketplaces, serene cafes, and ancient kabash.

Fun Activities to Do in Morocco

Although there are numerous fun things to enjoy in Morocco, here are some of those incredible experiences to relish in Morocco and make your halal holidays memorable:

  • Enjoy the unique camel riding and desert camping experience in the marvelous Sahara Desert, the largest desert on planet Earth.
  • Marrakech has outstanding and unique Riads to reside in and relish the amazing Morocco halal holidays experience. This luxury dwelling embraces all the modern facilities with swimming pools, and stunning central fountains, and provides a tranquil ambiance.
  • Celebrate Eid-ul-Fitar with the locals. Visit Kelaâ M’Gouna in the Dadès Valley in May and enjoy the flower-yield festivities.
  • Hike the mighty Canyons of Dades, carved by the Dades River, while beholding numerous majestic views on the way.
  • Head to Essaouira’s coastal resort village in late June and enjoy dancing to the beats of Gnaoua music which is the traditional African and Berber African music blend.
  • Attend the Marrakech International Film Festival in December to meet international celebrities.
  • Quench your shopping thirst by visiting the bustling souqs of Fez and Marrakech, and take back home souvenirs and unique Moroccan products.
  • Trek to the incredible Cascades d’Ouzard waterfalls and witness the amazing sight of arced rainbows that appear in the haze around the falls in the late afternoon.
  • Revitalize on the sand beach situated in the laidback littoral town of Asilah. Enjoy soaking up the sunlight, playing beach and water games, romantic walks on the sand, and picnicking with your loved ones to relish the incredible halal holidays in Morocco.

Savor Delectable Moroccan Cuisines

Morocco has some of the most delicious cuisines to savor. The traditional Moroccan tea is a must-try refreshing drink that soothes the digestive system. Other than that, Tanjia, Salt fish, Chicken Pastilla, Fish Chermoula, and Couscous are must-try traditional Moroccan cuisines to savor.

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