QL paddles away through the mangroves

By Jorge_Granda

There are many unexplored places in Qatar that most of the country’s population are unaware exist. Many citizens believe that there isn’t much to do outside the cosmopolitan city of Doha, apart from going Dune Bashing.

That is a terrible misconception because Qatar is full of incredible natural surroundings ready to be discovered. A perfect sample is the astonishing mangroves along the coast near Al Khor in Al Thakhira.

The vast mangrove forest offers nature lovers a spectacular natural setting, birdlife and if you are lucky you may find yourself spending some time with the Flamingos.



The trip

The best way to access the forest is by kayak where you can paddle away through the network of channels that have been carved out by tidal action. 

We recently took a tour with Discover Arabia to check out firsthand this hidden gem full of vegetation and its own ecosystem.   

Our tour took place on a splendid Saturday afternoon last week. We met our tour guide and the rest of the group at Al Meera supermarket in Al Thakhira at 4:00 p.m.  

Here is a Google Maps link which indicates the exact location: https://goo.gl/maps/CyGFDthP4Vv .

We are told that it is very important to arrive on time, not to make everyone wait and because we need to start paddling before sunset to truly appreciate the scenery.

We then follow the tour guide (you can go with your own car) to reach the beach of Al Thakhira. The drive takes about 15 to 20 minutes. You do not need a 4x4 to get there. Normal cars can easily make their way into the beach.  

Kayaking instructions

Once you reach the beach where the camp is located, Discover Arabia provides kayaks, paddles, life jackets, water, juices, and guides. We started our Kayak trip at about 4:30 p.m. A guided tour takes us to the mangrove channel. We started before sunset and caught up with the moonlight at the end. 

The Kayak excursion last for about 2 hours. A break of about 15 minutes is included on the paddling trip where the guide will give a full presentation about the ecology of Al Thakhira mangroves. 

Majless & BBQ set up

After the Kayaking trip, Discover Arabia offers a whole Majlis & BBQ set up on the beach under the moonlight. They provide carpets, pillows, chairs, tables, Bamboo light, electricity, grills, charcoals, tools, soap, water for washing among other amenities. Coffee is also provided. People would have to bring only food to grill. 



-  It is advised to bring towels, extra clothes to change afterward, waterproof camera, head torch and any other equipment you may find essential for such a trip.

-  They can provide single and double kayaks. On the double kayaks, two adults plus a kid can easily fit.

-  Discover Arabia also provides one portable toilet and a big trailer where you can change.

For more information, please call Amine at 30233207.  Or visit www.discoverarabia.today

Registration: entalek.rezdy.com


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By najeeb.najy• 11 months 1 week ago.

what about the expenses ?

By muhammad yasir siddiqui• 11 months 1 week ago.
muhammad yasir siddiqui

@MM: not only towels get some lungi also.... :P

By Molten Metal• 11 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

I will be coming there with my 3 friends, all are having towels ................ Good fun ahead ................

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