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Sheen Services WLL

Sheen Services WLL

Member since: September 2013
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Sheen Services WLL is Qatar's leading document translation & attestation company. Sheen Services WLL provides legal translation which is accepted by all government departments in Qatar. More than 75 languages documents are translated into Arabic and vice versa by our team of expert. We also provide professional service of document authentication / attestation from; •India •UK •Pakistan •Australia •USA •Canada •Philippines •Ireland •Sri Lanka If you have any requirement, we are always there to provide you our professional service. For translation service: Mobile/ WhatsApp/ Viber : +974 - 3009 8966 Telephone: +974 - 4414 8360 Email: For attestation service: Mobile/ WhatsApp/ Viber : +974 - 55974495 Mobile: +974 - 5575 2696 Telephone: +974 - 4414 8360 Email: Website: Sheen Services WLL is member of Sheen Group - Qatar (
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