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I'm a bachelor looking for a Job opportunity in Qatar. I will be more than obliged to elevate your organization's marketing by investing my acquired traits.


My experience in this modern business society has taught me well how to build strong relationships within and outside an organization.


-I have the ability to grasp and mold myself as per the requirement and circumstances.

-I can conduct both above the line and below the line marketing activities

-I have sound knowledge of Digital marketing which includes

  1. On page and off page marketing
  2. Google AdWords campaign(PPC campaign etc)
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Re-marketing Campaign
  5. Social Media Marketing/ Social Media Optimization(SMO)
  6. Content Curation
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 -I have an active Instagram page where I showcase my compositions also I have 2.5k followers on the page (username- wordsofchaos) -I'm capable of designing quality content for the web using Adobe Illustrator. I also know how to use whiteboard animation and Lumen5(promotional video software).
 -Example of content that I have curated for a professional organization. -Furthermore I can help strategize your team with how to create viral content and prove my worth in various other manners.  -I'm a fluent English, Hindi and Urdu speaker. 

Furthermore being tech-savvy is a bonus.


I would welcome the opportunity to meet in person to discuss job opportunity(currently I’m available in Doha).


Thank you so much for your time and consideration.



Ahmad Faraz

India- +91-9958626040

Qatar- +97450309247