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Each of us are many things to many people. Among those many hats worn, some of us must produce the finances to support all of the many endeavors we undertake. In doing so, we tend to specialize in one or two areas and then excel at them.

I am like you in this.

One of my passions is Forex trading. I have been a Professional Day Trader for over 15 years. I have seen this industry grow and morph into what it is today. I have witnessed many individuals get quite wealthy from trading as we do and this is where our focus remains.

A group of us gravitated toward one another with a common interest in Forex. We formed a Financial Group and shared our ideas and processes. We went on to build a website to fulfil the needs for ourselves and also to allow others to join us and flourish as we have.

We welcome new joiners to come and see if what we have accomplished can help them as well.

We have our own published genetic algorithms aligned with many others available for use across multiple platforms worldwide. Our standings for each represented algorithm are posted publicly and are offered for use for FREE.

Come see what we can do for you when you invest in Forex.

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