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Doha Logik Enterprises

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DLE Catering – a trusted name in industrial catering, recognized for high-quality food, timely delivery and excellent customer service!

Appetite for excellence DLE Catering provides catering services to all classes of customers, from construction workers working on infrastructure projects to captains of industry in company boardrooms, and it is our mission to ensure that we provide nutritious, well-presented and attractive food in every location. Every day, our catering teams serve over 36,000 meals and always succeed in matching quantity with quality.

The team at DLE Catering consists of highly experienced and certified professionals. We take care of all your orders’ details, from preparation to safe and timely delivery.

The prices are agreed before the contract as DLE Catering doesn’t include any hidden charges in its pricing structure.

DLE Catering was formed with the objective to serve your industry catering requirements perfectly and smoothly, embedding perfection in every sense possible. Our mission is to uplift your labor catering strategy through the best food around town, prepared and presented in the most sophisticated way, with 100% compliance with health standards and your preferred flavors’ requirements.

With over 36,000 meals served every day across diverse industries, we have a steady roster of clients who value the services and specialized attention that we provide. Our team comprises qualified and experienced chefs and catering professionals who understand the ethnic tastes and menu requirements of our customers and delight the palates with healthy, tasty and fabulous food, a warm attitude and a drive to constantly improve.

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