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My name is Jerome Ogbonna from nigeria former working security in one of the hotels in united arab emirates , As chife Security of the hotel.

Name of the hotel was AL BUSTAN RESTAURANT IN UMM AL QUWAIN. It was 2:00am in the morning 25th Dec 2007 when 2 men came in to my club , i was not at the gate when there came in to the club and take my M.G out from the club, i was called by some staff that some men are fighting my M.G, When i came i saw 2 men with white dress , i mean arab dress,

So i ask them who are there , But it takes time to raply me . And 1 of the 2 men told me there are the C.I.D, But i said show me you'r I.D Cards . but it takes time to do it,
after there showed me there Cards as police and i said i'm very sorry for that.......

There took my M.G to there car and called me , he said show me you'r I D. i showed him and he took it from me and drive his car to go and he stop and called me again he said go inside the car i did, and i went to police , i mean C.I.D Office . i was there be4 there took me to jail, i went to justice there told me i should put my passport and go out , which i did , But when geting to the police office there said No...

I was sent back to jail again just noting , I was sent back to Nigeria after month in jail , I did not make a out going call in the jail, and the must pain in it was i was given black list not to come back in U.A.E again.

Please i will like you to find out why is this ? Emirates lives in Nigeria , Emirates Air line comes in Nigeria? why should Emirates do this to the people of Nigeria?
My name is Jerome Ogbonna , the name of the poilce man is (MAJOR HUMAID AHMED OF AL QUWAIN POILCE)
You can cantact me on my telephone 00238069256063.
i have all the pepers from the court with me here i can fax it to you if you need it .

Please this is very important case to sove cos i came back to Nigeria with out noting ,
My car , with all i live with in my house , where can i start my life again? let the people know this i will be happy.... with the Sheikh Mohammed .

Thanks and God bless you.

Best regards
Mr Jerome Ogbonna


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