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*update: since i joined a company, my profession changes from entrapreneur to intrapreneur :)

The changes by QL on the way profile looks warrants some updates to the profile. Also because i notice users do check out profiles and its not just a space filler.

I am here to share my perspective and learn about other people's perspective on different issues. Qatar is a multi-cultural society, so everything is not always in black n white. This site has helped me understand how different people think and the rationale behind some actions which i otherwise would have considered irrational ;p

ps. I almost never ask a question before googling it first

[old text]:
Am a sports, photography enthusiast. Would like to discover this country with friends i can hopefully make here.

I stand up for what i think is right. But at the same time, i have respect for the opinions of others. I am a good listener.

I believe any single individual can make a contribution that can change the world for the better.
And i have no reason to believe why i can't be one of those individuals.