its not fare to blame a community of nationality for bad things done by a very few . in all the communities, there are good and bad people. i could find few posting s here which blames others to justify one community.

I also believe that the reason for all these bad things are
1. Lack of proper education
2. The situation, the family, the society where he brought up

Generally, men like pretty women. But it doesnt or it should not be harrasing or teasing them. But should not harrase or torture them. Just think about our mother and sisters at home, then we will never think of doing any thing bad to a women.

There are few bad people in all kinds of community. But i believe that if the government decides, they can stop or atleast they can reduce those types of incedents by imposing strict rule.

but most of the time, the police is biased towards some community. first they should be fare and good in dealing. they should know their duty. they should do the justice.