Will go back twice a year? that is good...I'm not sure if the goods come in as individual cargo (but preety sure there will be quarantine n taxes involve if u go thru airfreight.) but if you hand carry it will be safe coz my buddy have done that, it seems ok.

There is no specific Asian grocories store here. From what i see, its depend on what you want to cook, if you reffering to yr menus n the items mentioned earlier is the only item missing here. Of course the taste of spices is differ than malaysia coz all the spices here comes from india and the taste are stronger.As for santan, u could get the powdered one.etc..etc.. If you need to know more, just pm me n i'll try to help you.

Life in Qatar...I guess its ok. I managed to adjust myself to the gcc lifestyle. Thanks to my lovely husband. He is egyptian, so as much as he can, he try to guide me through on every single way and me as much as i can, i try to adapt it. Apart from the lifestyle that you need to adjust, also yr expectation. I guess if you don't expect too much from it you will be find. But qatar for me is a good country for you to save on your retirement goal.That is one thing that I could tell.