You should not compare it to Dubai since prices in dubai when they statred selling 5 years ago were low and there was a big potential for buying, in Doha, a 2 bed appartment is selling for the same price as in dubai now, so even though there will be some upward potential, i dont think its enough to take the risk
second, when i first came here in january i was interested in buying and i went to see the buildings with al sabban towers and they said that out of three towers they still have one to be sold, 6 months later they still had few appartment in that same tower, and now they are also selling the other two which were still not sold, in dubai, a compound of 6000 villa was sold in three days.
third, between the pearl and lusail and waab cilty finishing all together, i dont think that doha is ready to fill all these empty appartments with such an inflation and people are starting to lok for other alternatives than doha

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