I read and reread this post. There are two things. one is all about the exit system and the other about certain comments made by the author of the post.

Let me talk about the second thing first. Inspite of me reading it well, i still do not find a word of apology from him. I mean in straight terms without beating around the bush and simply accepting that what he said is wrong and that he apologies for that. Period.

It is a blatant racial comment and just not acceptable. I do not want to say anything more thereby me also becoming racial.

Has anyone else found anywhere in the post something to this context. pl let me know.

Reg. Exit permit system, i think time has come for Qatar to scrap this. Which other country in the region has such a system? I know of atleast two cases, one of friend who could not leave in time to attend his father's funeral and the other who could not be present at the time of his wife's delivery, where people could not leave due to this stupid system. Whatever the apprehensions the authorities have, be it govt. or the banks or the employers or anyone for that matter, could be addressed and some workable solutions could be found out.

This exit permit really puts off many talented people to come to Qatar. Becos at the end of the day the feeling that I cannot leave the country in an emergency (like attending father's funeral) leaves a big scar.