I have seen so much abuse and so much maltreatment of workers in this country by the people that now I have become totally ignorant and irresponsive tho their plight. Everyday I see the workers working in the open at noon, I marvel their hardwork but I do not feel pity for them. Everytime I hear about a worker collapsing from heat stress, I wonder does his sponsor care whether he has died or survived.
Everytime I see an ambulance wailing and racing to reach a labourer, I wonder do the people around the ambulance in their landcruisers ever think about the workers that they also need shelter, they also need good food, they also need rest, they also need a break, Most of all these people are human beings just like everyone. Do the people deciding their fates (sponsors) ever think that these people also need a room to sleep, they also need an AC.