Please keep the discussion to the subject rather than make sneer comments about somebody you don't even know.

The fact that there is no "scientific evidence" against mobile phones or masts doesn't really prove anything, as most of the research is being carried out by the industry (with a vested interest in the status quo), the government (who gain revenue from mobile operators) or at snail-pace by academics. Some of us can actually feel pain even when putting mobiles to our ears, let alone next to a mast! If they're perfectly safe, how come the mobile companies can also sell us "radiation guards"? Frankly the only thing more annoying than mobile phones and masts are the hypocrites who won't allow masts to be built near their homes but make constant use of the mobiles themselves. How we've been convinced that we can't live without these things is beyond me. Get rid of them, I say.

Your comment about the sun doesn't stand, since on a hot/sunny day one is more likely to take cover from the direct radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is penetrative.