the interview which is less of an interview as far as the child is concerned and more of an observational process, to assess whether or not the child is ready for school. Doha college prides it's self as being one of, if not the best school in Doha, what they are looking at,is level of English the child understands, if the child can easily socialize with other children, if the child can settle easily with out the help of a parent, if the child can take instruction from some one that is not known to them and can readily identify that person as someone they can go to also if they need something, in short what they are looking for is if your child can be independent of you for the period of time they are at school.
As for the parents interview well in short what they are looking for there is feed back from you as to your child, does the child have any problems they should know about and the most important one for them are you going to be able to afford the fees.
As too when you find out some will find out straight away others won't it just all depends.
Good luck!!

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