rajah it depends on HOW you found out!, is it thru your own knowledge, or just a message from your friend, or your relatives gave you that information.

sometimes it is very deceiving when things came up into our minds. Here is a classic sample..

The Boss and the Secretary..
One day the two of them drove to the Hotel, someone saw them while entering into the hotel, after an hour, the two left the Hotel. This witness spread the news that the two have an affair, they went to the hotel to release their desire. (Take note the witness wasn't sure what really happen inside the hotel)

The truth is, The Boss and the Secretary went to the Hotel to talk to the Manager of how they can promote their company with the help of the Hotel.

for the meantime just trust your husband.. he maybe unfaithful as what they say but still he is your husband and the father to your kids.

RACHE ist Bergwerk saith der Lord