To stay in line with the arab backwards mentality that produced this law, employees should now approach their employers and demand their whole years salary up front.

Then PDC's won't be an issue as we'll all have our entire year's salary in the bank to back the PDC's.

Those talking about no sympathy for those and support this ridiculous law must have never had to budget anything in their life. Nor understand that as expats, we don't arrive with a 5hi7 load on money in the bank. If I get here 1May making 20kQR/month and my rent is 10kQR/month, I budget 10kQR/month for rent. How would anyone be expected to fork over 120kQR right away for the year's rent after just coming to Qatar. I can afford the rent obviously, but not at the time of signing a rent contract.

Things like this really make me wonder how this country has gotten to where it is now. Amazing.