“We cannot ignore that the employers are paying huge amounts to recruitment offices and spends money to qualify and train workers providing them the necessary expertise."

Only in papers , not in reality. 99% Recruiting agencies are recruiting manpower on the expense of candidates not on company expense .
For an example
Joining Ticket - from Employer on Paper works , but in reality from the worker itself .
Recruiting fees must be paid by Employer on Paper works , But in reality from the worker itself .
We are living in a real world not on dreams . People who live with their petro doller lifestyle thinks that everyone on same wheel .

Enforcing these rules will reduce exploiting people by the Visa Fraudsters , But before enforcing such rules , they have to consider work ban , NOC for changing their carrier for a better future .

Government might be aware that , these people who work on other own visa have a good chance to change their job after the completion of 1 year or two year to a better salary opportunities , so Employers cannot keep such people under them as forever with banning threats / runaway threats/absconding threats .