how could these officials sleep even after the abuses . Qatar have to grow up , making big buildings & driving luxury cars is not the development . Being human is the development . Buildings and your cars do not last forever but your humanity is .

The labour who work for 800 riyas in a month being cheated by companies daily , most companies do not care about Labour rules in Qatar . They forced to work over time more than they can perform daily ( otherwise salary will be deducted )and at the end of the month , overtime is being deducted from their salary (OT is based on company rules , no extra percentage )
If one labor take leave just because he is sick , and if he could not get a medical report from Hamad hospital their salary is deducted for 3 days . Whenever these labors went to Hamad hospital in Industrial area for treatment , they being told to go to Doha Hamad Hospital , so they are forced to go nearest Private hospital and paying a huge money from their salary . So companies are not accepting medical report from private hospital , their salary is deducted for 1 day ( 800 monthly salary , 1 days salary deduction , Also paid treatment & medicine charges for private hospital ) . As human being it makes me sick , its like there are moments you really wish if there is a god , even though there is none .

How could you people really close your eyes against this & get over it .