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Law Number 21 of 2015, which abolishes the stipulations of Law Number 4 of 2009 regarding Regulation of the Expatriates Entry, Departure, Residence and Sponsorship, was issued on October 27 last year.

"Since the new law abolishes kafala (sponsorship system), a person who had previously worked in Qatar would not have to seek the approval of his former sponsor if he is recruited by a new employer," Brigadier Mohamed Ahmed Al-Atiq, assistant-director general of the Department of Border, Passport and Expatriates Affairs.

Few newspaper states that this rule will be implemented on 27 Oct, 2016 others media states 14 Dec, 2016

Many interpret this as, only those who have completed their contract after 27 Oct, 2016 or 14 Dec, 2016 will be eligible to come back.


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