ombangwa: Good to read your posts and your queries. While "aistu" is trying to help you out, possibly I may be to give you some additional information as he is a new comer to Qatar.
There are several British schools in Qatar, Newton British School, and Doha College being two of them. These schools are open to nationals of other countries also and are not just restricted to British nationals. You may face some problems in getting your children get admission as the school year has just begun and possibly enrollments may have stopped by now. But give a try by getting the list of the British schools in Doha through Google and writing to them to find out the status.
As for the weather of Qatar, it is hot most of the months of the year. The average daily temperature during summer is around 45 but on some days it may soar to 47 degrees. June, July and August are months that are hard as the humidity is very high and with the heat, it becomes very sweaty. It is during these months that schools go on vacation.
Qatar is a friendly country. The total population of the country is around 2.7 million with around 2 million being foreign workers. English commonly spoken and understood. Arabic is the national language. The country has workers from many countries of the world but the majority are from Asia. Qatar can also boast of a very low crime rate. Theft does not take place here but then one must always be careful and protect himself and his property. The only thing I have heard of that gets frequently stolen, is the mobile phone. That takes place due to the carelessness of owners and the ease with thieves can take away this item.
Lastly, it was interesting to read your statement in which you made a tall claim "I m coming down from where the grass is much more green that any part of the world. you guessed it right ya no kidding UK aka Great Britain". "Much more green" or "Greener"? "I m" or "I'm; I am"? I guess you have so far not had the opportunity to look over the boundaries of "Great Britain" into countries such as those in the South Asian belt. But then "Great Britain" is among the world powers and possibly you people also now control the laws of nature, making your grass grow taller, thicker, juicier and of course "greener".
I am not a "native speaker" of the English language but possibly I may be knowing a bit more of English grammar rules than many nationals of "Great Britain". You may be coming from a "Great" country that calls itself "Great Britain" but I too come from a great country with great people where the name of the country does need to be written down in capital letters to show its greatness.
Have a lovely day!