ombangwa: Ha! Ha! I have been to that place of beauty you call Surrey Hills and stayed there. But you have not seen the beauty of the valleys of Himalayan ranges. The grass that grows in this region and the tall trees that line up the mountainsides, are described as "lush green" and not "more green" as an English of Great Britain bragged about the grass in his country. And the greenery here is "all natural" with no additions from anywhere. We get water from the melting glaciers that feed our rivers all year around --- and there is plenty of it.
Yes, the British were here for just over 200 years but why did they love this place of ours which required several weeks of sailing to reach from their homeland? There was more to it than territory. It was the loot they were interested in from this land they took back to Great Britain to live a life of luxury. That's all. And that went on 200 years!
But even after so many decades of having been sent back "home", you people have not lost your pride and still consider yourselves to be the mini-rulers of the world. Your statement "... and still have influence on every move you guys (guys?) make but that just us being Great, isn't it?" reflects and resonate the thinking of "greatness" you British still carry. Pray tell me why your "Great Britain" you term and consider as "Great" is unable to meet your financial requirements in your "Great" home country that you are compelled to seek employment in the Middle East?
Centuries back, the saying went "The sun never sets on the British Empire." The sun finally did set on the British Empire decades ago.
It's time you British people like you should stop walking around with your "nose up in the air" and live side by side, shoulder to shoulder with other people of the world and begin treating them at par with you. Walk side by side with them as there are many who are better than you in the world outside the boundaries of Great Britain.
The world has changed much since you people went home over 70 years back.You will learn of this when you get here.