Welcome to Qatar and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Qatar is a lovely place and very different from your country. However, if your visit is purely for business purposes, you may not be that successful in achieving your target. There are several reasons to it:
First, most Pakistanis get meet their requirements of Shalwar Qameez from back home and bring along their requirements whenever they return from vacation. Secondly, the market is just too small hence the demand is not that much. Third, when it comes to Masala, Shan already has a local agent but unfortunately that agent is not very active. As such, Shan masalas are not seen at supermarkets or at baqalas. Ahmed and Mehran are easily available. They are equally good. Lastly, while posting at QL you overlooked a very special point: You did not provide your contact details should anyone wish to do business with you.