Oh! Come on, Mr. Grammarian! Qatar has a mixed population with people from several countries and with all levels of education. Not everyone knows the language of the white people and all the rules of English grammar. I bet you, or even people from your country, don't either.
I come across many post at QL written in poor English even by people from westerner countries. There are even spelling errors in them. But then, I have a big heart and a broad mind a broad outlook and an education level to understand and overlook such errors.
As for your objection on "telephonic conversation", though the word "telephonic" is grammatically incorrect, that is how this word is being used nowadays to convey the idea. It has become the norm in both spoken and written English and has been widely accepted as the phrase "telephonic conversation" carries the idea through completely. Everything that gets spoken or written is not grammatically correct and I am sure you are aware of that.
By the way, did you check how you have spelled your pen name at this post? There is something missing in there!