Daniel: What did the US Navy warship USS Vincennes do in 1988 when it fired a missile at Iran Air Flight 655 over the Gulf blowing up the plane to bits, killing all 290 passengers on board? Was that an act of "human error"? Can your term the act as "murder?"
Who fired a missile at Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine in 2014 killing all 298 people on board? Was it Russian separatists? Was that act of "human error"? Could that act be termed as "murder?"
But while writing your comment you "possibly" simply forgot those two tragic incidents and focused on the "murder" committed by Iran. It was indeed human error on the part of Iran combined with sheer bad luck for the unfortunate plane to be at the wrong place at a point of extremely heightened tensions with people sitting ready to press the trigger button.
Daniel: There is an English proverb which applies aptly to the situation now prevailing in the "region":
When two elephants fight it is the grass that gets trampled.
Have the courage to to speak out against those nations who in the past have also performed such acts of "human error" deliberately, or otherwise. Look at the world with both eyes open rather than being myopic.
Iran is not the only one. It is wise not to point fingers at just one nation.