There are several things that have been mentioned in the article but some of them have been left out deliberately or otherwise.
First, alcohol is not easily available. One must have a license to buy a bottle of any alcoholic drink and that too must be consumed at home only. There is no walking around the streets while drunk. Driving while under intoxication, can get you arrested, put in jail and also deported.
Secondly, there is no having any form of physical contact with the opposite sex in public. This can also get you arrested.
Thirdly, one must be properly dressed while in public places. One cannot run around public places in bikinis.
Fourthly, public buses are managed by just one company and they are of the same colour. The same company runs taxis also. They are known as Karwa buses or taxis. Buses go to most locations in the city and the cost of travel is cheap. Many prefer to use the bus, as it saves one the hassle of finding parking space and avoid the possibility of facing fines due to traffic violations. Traffic fines can be hefty. It is just that buses take a bit longer.
Fifthly, taxis are available on "shared basis" also. During weekends, such taxis are commonly seen in the city.
Lastly, while many come over to Qatar with high hopes of bettering the living conditions of their loved ones back home, there are those who return with shattered dreams. There can be many reasons behind this. Living a lonely life without your loved ones can be really demanding. It requires much sacrifice. Also, one may not be employed for the job he has been hired. I knew of one case where a female physiotherapist came over only to find the company had no work available for physiotherapist. She was being made to work as a nanny. She left. Then there are those companies that do not pay salaries on time. These companies know very well that employees pay heavily to agents back home to "buy" a visa to Qatar. Once here, they are simply trapped as they need to recover their "investment:.
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