WATCH: Paragliding in Qatar!

With its strong winds and wide-open skies, the deserts of Qatar are the perfect place for Paragliding!

WATCH: Dune Bashing - The Art of Getting Your Adrenaline Up and Running!

Scream for dear life as you fall down gigantic sand dunes!

WATCH: A Modern Metropolis - Qatar’s Transformation

Do you remember the old Qatar? Now ranked as the richest country in the world, it is hard to imagine this nation as a small comm

WATCH: The Launching of Es’hail 2 and Qatar’s Astronomical Dreams

Qatar’s interest in space is no secret. In 2013, Es’hail 1, the country’s first satellite was launched.

WATCH: The Pigeon Towers of Qatar

Pigeon Towers are a wonderful example of traditional Islamic architecture and ingenuity.

WATCH: Qatar's central market - local produce at insane bargain prices!

The Central Market is the best place to purchase meat, fish and produce in Qatar.

WATCH: The multi-billion riyal oil and gas refineries of Qatar

The refineries of Qatar are estimated to be worth over 10 Billion Riyals.

WATCH: Desert rose in concrete: Qatar’s National Museum

Inspired by the well-loved desert rose crystals, and designed by the renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, to call

WATCH: Just how long are you spending in road traffic?

Traffic is a known scourge in Qatar. In 2016 alone, traffic jams cost the country between QR5.6 and 6.6 Billion.

WATCH: A Farewell to Roundabouts

Roundabouts were once an inescapable part of life in Qatar. But over the past few years they have been slowly replaced with intersections.

WATCH: Lusail - Qatar's Future City

Lusail is Qatar’s new 180 Billion Riyal city that is being built specifically for the 2022 FIFA world cup.

WATCH: Star Wars in Qatar?

With the stunning (not to mention unconventional) scenery that dominates the Star Wars films, it’s not hard to imagine Qatar’s sand dunes