Application no. for visa tracking

By Serendipity

I've looked on the Interior Ministry website and it appears that one can track an application by entering an application number.

Where do I get this from? I've chased my employer a couple of times, asking about the visa application, but they have never replied saying: "Here's your application number, you can see for yourself."

Do I have to specifically ask them? Or do I email the Interior Ministry and ask them for the application number so that I can track it?


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By qatarisun• 8 years 2 months ago.

martin45, what do you mean, if visa is ok? you don't trust your employer??? so how you are going to work with him?


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By martin45• 8 years 2 months ago.

hi pls i wish some body help me out here. Dear i got a visa to Qatar but it came in Arabic. pls i wish some body tell me if this is ok

By samar145• 9 years 11 months ago.

plz tell me steps and number required to check my visa status

By samar145• 9 years 11 months ago.

Dear Sajid,

as i had my application number but what does established no. means n frm where i can get to check visa status

By UmpireOut• 9 years 11 months ago.
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..In case your work visa has been applied you shud cross check with your employer on the following:

1) Visa title to be appropriate to your position

2) Visa Application Number which would look like

VP 2008 001938 (VP or VQ or VL etc...&& YEAR 2005 or 2006 or 2007 &&& this Six Digit Number)

3) Visa Application Date...which as the YEAR ...could

be any date of the calender year then.

Login to the website, choose the English version of the site...go to Visa Application Tracking and track down if your visa is processed and ready for print or is still in the processing tray or may be it

your employer has not applied a visa for you at all :o)

By misheikpeer• 9 years 11 months ago.


I was working in Qatar 2007 and my Qatar Visa Expired on August 2007. now i am in UAE and i got an offer in Qatar, so can i enter in to Qatar by Employement visa or Visit Visa?

Any Ban to get a visa?

Please Guid me.

By sajidhvk• 9 years 11 months ago.

Dear friend...

your employer was suppose to gave you the Appl. Number, provided he should apply atleast to get that number...once he applied he will have a 5 digit cann track the applications status on the link below

if u have any doubt kindly call me..5757212



By sa_japie• 10 years 12 months ago.

Go to and you can tracj Visa Applications and a number of other things there.


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By Colt45• 10 years 12 months ago.
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Maybe you can start by asking your employer directly for your Visa Application Number.


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