Can anyone tell me how to get Visit Visa for Germany?

By Ashu16

Hello everyone,

I would highly appreciate if anyone of you can inform me what are the procedure to apply for Visit Visa for Germany. Do i have to take German Language classes before applying for the Visa as i have heard they take the interview in German Language.

Also, can anyone guide me where is the German Embassy located in Doha ??

Thanks alot,

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By Formatted Soul• 9 years 4 days ago.
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Formatted Soul

Its Very simple...

You need the following documents

- Letter from your employer stating your slary and no objection in your travel

- Bank statement to prove the fund

- Confirmed Hotel booking and Return flight booking

- Letter of invitation, if you have anyone there.

- Travel insurance for the said period of stay.

- Two Passport size photo..white background

- visa fee.. QR.300

Get the application from the embassy.. fill up the application attach the documents pay the fees .

Visa will be ready in couple of days..

If you are going as tourist you don’t need to learn the language. If want to visit other neighboring countries...its better to get Schengan Visa..

By CuriousButDetermined• 9 years 4 days ago.
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I believe you have to present your plane ticket plan and hotel accomodation evidence too or something like that..

Please note that some Eqropean countries now have 1 common visa for all.. they call it Shengen states visa which includes France, Netherlands and Germany..other countries are included but don't know what they are..maybe Italy as well...

By galloper48• 9 years 5 days ago.

Germany Embassy , Qatar

No. 6 Al-Jazira al-Arabiya Street, Fareej Kholaib Area

PO Box 3064 Doha








In the link an approximate guide map to the embassy location,51.505966&sspn=0.072324,0.10849&ie=UTF8&ll=25.296001,51.491203&spn=0.036162,0.054245&t=h&z=14

As per visa and interviews sorry have no info at all. Just call them and find out.


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