Certificate of Good Conduct/Police Clearance

By khalifaboy

I was accepted for work in another GCC country and was required to get a police clearance from Qatar. Where do I get the police clearace? How do I go about in obtaining a police clearance? What are the requirements?

Thank you.

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By georgyc• 4 years 2 months ago.

thank you so much. good information

By paZzzaway• 7 years 8 months ago.

hi... i also need a certificate of good conduct from qatar... did you get yours? can you tell me how did u obtain it... i will appreciate it ..

By paZzzaway• 7 years 8 months ago.

hi... i also need a certificate of good conduct from qatar... did you get yours? can you tell me how did u obtain it... i will appreciate it ..

By qataricowboy• 9 years 8 months ago.
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How to get a Police Clearance Certificate from Qatar

Get PCC from your Home Country

First you need to get a PCC from your home country.For most people this involves going to your embassy in Qatar fill in a PCC form attach a passport picture, passport copy. It is important to note that when getting your PCC from your home country make sure you tell them why it is that you want a PCC for. Meaning if it is for a Job or a Visit Visa. The PCC will explicity state this. This is important because when you submit all your documents to the CID dept in step 3 they will blindly copy the same reason on the PCC for Qatar as well.

Get your Home Country PCC attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Most embassy will either give you your home country's PCC nextday or within a couple of days. Once you have gotten this PCC you need to first get it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Attestation Department. I have tagged this location on google maps in a link below. But general directions are its near the OLD Qatar National Muesem. Right behind Bustan Hotel. Their timings I think are 7-1PM on weekdays but you probably want to go there early to be sure. They DO NOT accept cash there so you will need a debit or credit card for every paper you want to get attested. You will take your Home Country's PCC and your passport to them. Wait in line, when its your turn tell them you want the PCC attested. They will take it stamp it in front of you and then your done.If you happen to also need your Home countries PCC for any work you might be doing I would suggest to ask your embassy for two PCC's and then have both of them attested. The reason being when you submit your Home countries PCC to the CID department in the next step they will keep one original. So we will assume you have two PCC from your home coutnries which have been attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Attestation Department.

Map link to Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Attestation Department

Apply for PCC from State of Qatar at CID Department

Now you take these PCC's and head to the CID department also known locally as the finger printing place. I have placed a link below this step so you can figure out where it is. Before you go to the CID department make sure to take a copy of your passport, driving license and ID in case. They might probably not be required but it doesnt hurt. Take your Attested Home Countrys PCC with you. When you go there ask one of the police officers that you want a PCC or Police Clearance Certifiate. They will point you to the right Villa. When you go in there pick up a form and fill it out with the necessary application. The form does not need to be filled in Arabic. I have also attached a link to a blank application form that you will need to fill when you go there. Since most of it is in Arabic you will probably need to get someone who can read arabic help you fill it out. But once again they have no issues with the acutal information being written in English.

Link to Sample form for PCC application

So fill in the form, take a number and wait your turn. Once you walk up to the counter they will ask you for your form, passport copy and original PCC from Home Country(Remeber they will hold on to this one so be prepared to part with it). They also do not accept cash so take your debit/credit card with you. I think it was 15 riyals. The charge it to your card and give you a receipt and ask you to come after two weeks. Hold on to your receipt.

Now the really cool part is if your cellphone/mobile number is registered with Metrash which i recommened doing. You will actually receive an SMS when the form is ready to be picked up. How Cool !!!.

You can register your cellphone at Metrash here and i recommened it incase you need to be informed about exit permits, fines and what not.

Link to MOI to register your cellphone for Metrash

My PCC was ready in about 5 days but this might vary based on the time of year and so on. Once you do receive an SMS if regsited with metrash or decide to go after two weeks. Take your receipt with you and once again go to the same villa you went to submit the form. Take a number and when called tell them your here to pick up your PCC and thats it.

Once they have handed you your PCC you have one last step.

Map link to CID Department

Attest PCC from Qatar at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The very last step is to go back to the Ministry of Foriegn affairs - Attestation Department to get this PCC from Qatar attested. I dont think its necassry but it doesnt hurt. The same instructions as Step 2 are applied here. Go there with your PCC from Home Country, PCC from Qatar and your passport and all your ID's. Make sure to take your Debit/Credit card alongwith you since they dont accept cash. When your turn comes submit ONLY The PCC from Qatar for stamping they will charge you 20 Riyals and thats it.

At this point you will hopefully have the following:

PCC from your home country attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Attestioin Department

PCC from State of Qatar attested by Ministry of Foreign Affars - Attestion Department

A whole lot of time saved from trying to find bits and pieces of this information from different sources :)


By greentea• 9 years 8 months ago.

search QL for the following:

1. police clearance

2. NBI clearance (ur profile says you are from Philippines)

ull find a lot of answers here including step by step process on how to obtain it. you can also check the website: http://www.moi.gov.qa for the police clearance.

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