Documents needed for Residence Visa/Permit

By Beatab

After getting a work Visa and coming to Qatar, I guess you need to stamp/convert the Work Visa to a Residence permit and do the appropriate stamping. At this point are there any specific document required again...?

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By Beatab• 8 years 11 months ago.

Thanks. What is a Labor contract? Is it the same as the Offer letter that I had to sign from the company? What are the documents, if any, required for a Labor contract?

By expatriates• 8 years 11 months ago.
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Only a lab report from any clinic to prove your blood group and 2 passport size photographs.

Labour contract would be prepared by your company HRD or PRO and singed by you and the sponsor and stameped by ministry of labour.

Medical test and finger print will be done by the government for QR100.

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