Family Visa after Exit and Re-Entry

By Gentleman11

I am holding Qatar RP since 1.5 years. I got my wife and daughter in Family Visit Visa, extended for 6 months. Now their Visa is still 3 months valid until March 2012. My Family need to go out of Qatar and come back after 1 week in January 2012. I have below clarifications, Please help :
1.Would it be possible for my Wife and Daugther to Re-Enter Qatar and have Family Visit Visa validity for another 6 months?
2.Or should we extend the Visa for few more months, and then Exit and Re-Enter?
3.If need to covert to Permanent Family Visa, what are the documents must required, and do they have to go for medical again?

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By imran78k• 6 years 3 months ago.

1. yes u can exit and re enter ur family... u have to get "tashiral awada" from the MOI. ... charges QAR 200/- provdided they have valid extended visa... the number of days outside will not be extended.. u cannot extend more than six months... also there should be a gap of 3 months before new visit visa is given for the same person through same sponsor...

3. get permanent family visa form from the MOI website.... all documents required are written on the form... and no medical required for adult if ur converting the visit visa to family visa... but u have to pay a fine of QR 500/- per person.

good luck to u

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