Help need on Visa Cancellation

By sahil419

Hi Guys,

I have completed 2 months in Qatar,i came on RP visa moreover i have completed all the formalities required for RP Visa like medical test,Finger Print and signing of contact with company.However i did not given my passport for RP Visa stamping on my passport and to get my RP ID card.Now i got an much better offer from Saudi Arabia so IS is TRUE that "my current company is saying that they can't cancel the Visa as it was not stamped on your Passport and it will automatically be canceled after 6 Months and we will give you only exit" ?Can it be possible to get Saudi Visa stamped on my passport if i went on Exit without canceling of Qatar Visa ?


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By Meridian• 5 years 5 months ago.
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As the new regulations, if the visa is automatically cancelling by over staying 6 months outside the country, the personal cannot go any other GCC countries. It is better to be cancelled from here itself before leaving the country, or approach Saudi Embassy to clarify the sitution. Best of luck.

By landloverreview• 5 years 5 months ago.

Yes. Dont worry. Go ahead.

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